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My workflow and inspiration.

My form language has for many years been circling about square wire, skeletons and constructions. The thread is the line in my construction works, which often have a spacious and machine-like expression. In recent years, however, nature with its unpredictable power and organic lines has been expressed in my "Entanglement" collection.


My intention is to create innovative works / jewelry in a universe where the artistic expression is prioritized in a constant interaction with a high level of craftsmanship, that validates the work for the present and future viewers and users.


My works / jewelry are always designed in a way in which the body is central. The works / jewels can be used by people who have a daily life where usefulness, durability and quality are an essential part of their choice of decor.

 The materials I work with are chosen based on their visual expression, workability and durability, as well as the ability to age in a beautiful and sensual way. Therefore, my choice of materials often ends on gold and diamonds.

My workflow and inspiration.


Mikala’s work has a distinct Scandinavian feel, simple strong shapes and clear lines. Everything in its right place. She has an iffinity for classic jewelry and this shines through her timeless pieces.

Its all about gold, platinum, pearls and diamonds, luxury with character and individuality. One of a kind pieces with opaque diamonds, Tahitian pearls and exciting coloured gemstones.

For Mikala it is less about “perfect” in regards to stones, and more about the right juxtaposition of colours, shapes and textures.

Good craftsmanship is paramount and every piece has been designed and made by Mikala.


Mikala did her traditional jewelry training in Copenhagen, and have lived and worked in London for the last 20 years.

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